Sanford Westbrook

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Patients & Visitors

Sanford Westbrook Medical Center (507) 274-1100

First time patients are asked to stop by the New Patient Registration Desk. This will allow us to get you entered into our system in a timely manner. A few items to make sure you have with you are your insurance cards, your Social Security Number and emergency contact information.

For established patients we ask that you also bring in your current insurance information as we verify your address and coverage at each visit. Once we have the correct information we are able to file your insurance claims for you.

Patient Bill of Rights
When you are sick or injured, legalities may not seem important, but they are. Did you know that you have rights as a Sanford patient that are protected by law? Knowing your rights can help you and your family make important decisions about your healthcare. Sanford Health is here to protect and promote your patient rights. To learn more, click here.