Sanford Westbrook

WelcomeKelly Hoffman, FNP

Sanford Westbrook Medical Center, a proud member of Sanford Health Network, is a diverse medical campus located in southwest Minnesota. Our philosophy is based on the belief that good healthcare is a right which should be guaranteed to everyone, regardless of financial status, personal beliefs, or geographic location.

We are linked very closely with the rural community we serve, and there is a great concern on the part of the staff that the healthcare needs of the people in our area be met in an efficient and effective manner and with care given from the heart.

Sanford Westbrook Medical Center works together with Sanford Tracy Medical Center to provide healthcare to the surrounding communities. A member of Sanford Health Network, Sanford Westbrook Medical Center includes a hospital, clinic, wellness center and visiting specialty outreach physician’s services.

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05/27/16 - Nephrology
06/02/16 - Endoscopy
06/03/16 - Orthopedics
06/13/16 - General Surgery
06/15/16 - Cardiology